pmp-check-unix-memory - Alert on low memory.


Usage: pmp-check-unix-memory [OPTIONS]
  -c CRIT     Critical threshold; default 95%.
  -w WARN     Warning threshold; default 90%.
  --help      Print help and exit.
  --version   Print version and exit.
Options must be given as --option value, not --option=value or -Ovalue.
Use perldoc to read embedded documentation with more details.


This Nagios plugin examines the output of free (Linux) or sysctl (BSD) to check whether the system is running out of memory and finds the largest process in memory from ps output.

The plugin is tested on GNU/Linux and FreeBSD.


This plugin does not access MySQL.

This plugin executes the following UNIX commands that may need special privileges:

  • free (Linux), sysctl (BSD)
  • ps


Percona Monitoring Plugins pmp-check-unix-memory 1.1.5

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