pmp-check-mysql-deadlocks - Alert when pt-deadlock-logger has recorded too many recent deadlocks.


Usage: pmp-check-mysql-deadlocks [OPTIONS]
  -c CRIT         Critical threshold; default 60.
  --defaults-file FILE Only read mysql options from the given file.
                  Defaults to /etc/nagios/mysql.cnf if it exists.
  -H HOST         MySQL hostname.
  -i INTERVAL     Interval over which to count, in minutes; default 1.
  -l USER         MySQL username.
  -L LOGIN-PATH   Use login-path to access MySQL (with MySQL client 5.6).
  -p PASS         MySQL password.
  -P PORT         MySQL port.
  -S SOCKET       MySQL socket file.
  -T TABLE        The database.table that pt-deadlock-logger uses; default percona.deadlocks.
  -w WARN         Warning threshold; default 12.
  --help          Print help and exit.
  --version       Print version and exit.
Options must be given as --option value, not --option=value or -Ovalue.
Use perldoc to read embedded documentation with more details.


This Nagios plugin looks at the table that pt-deadlock-logger (, the part of Percona Toolkit) maintains, and when there have been too many recent deadlocks, it alerts.


This plugin executes the following commands against MySQL:

  • SELECT from the pt-deadlock-logger table.

This plugin executes no UNIX commands that may need special privileges.


Percona Monitoring Plugins pmp-check-mysql-deadlocks 1.1.8

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