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Upgrading Percona Monitoring Plugins for Cacti

Upgrading is normally a simple process. Before you begin, find the version of the templates and scripts that is currently installed. You can find this as a GPRINT item, as in the following screenshot:


This shows that the MySQL templates installed were generated from version 1.1.4 of the templates, against version 1.1.4 of the PHP script file.

Check the installed scripts for their version:

# grep ^.version /path/to/ss_get_mysql_stats.php
$version = "1.1.4";

To upgrade Percona Cacti scripts simply overwrite ss_get_*.php files from a new tarball or update the package:

yum update percona-cacti-templates


apt-get install percona-cacti-templates

Afterwards, re-import templates into Cacti using the web interface or from the command line, e.g.:

php /usr/share/cacti/cli/import_template.php --filename=/usr/share/cacti/resource/percona/templates/cacti_host_template_percona_gnu_linux_server_ht_0.8.6i-sver1.0.3.xml \

Then rebuild the poller cache under Cacti -> System Utilities.

If any special upgrade steps are necessary, the changelog will explain them.

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