Percona Redis Monitoring Template for Cacti

These templates use ss_get_by_ssh.php to connect to a server and extract statistics from the Redis server with the INFO command. The templates do not use SSH, but connect directly with TCP sockets to gather the information.


Import the Redis template and apply it to your host, then add the graphs.

You can test one of your hosts like this. You may need to change some of the example values below, such as the cacti username and the hostname you’re connecting to:

sudo -u cacti php /usr/share/cacti/scripts/ss_get_by_ssh.php --type redis --host --items ln,lo

Sample Graphs

The following sample graphs demonstrate how the data is presented.


Shows commands to the Redis server.


Shows connections to the Redis server. The top two items are current connections at the time the poller sampled the data; the bottom line, Total Connections, is the number of new connections created per second during the polling interval. That’s the important number to watch, and despite the name it should not be equal to the sum of the first two lines!


Shows memory usage.


Shows unsaved changes.

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