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pmp-check-mysql-processlist - Alert when MySQL processlist has dangerous patterns.


Usage: pmp-check-mysql-processlist [OPTIONS]
  -c CRIT         Critical threshold; default 32.
  --defaults-file FILE Only read mysql options from the given file.
                  Defaults to /etc/nagios/mysql.cnf if it exists.
  -H HOST         MySQL hostname.
  -l USER         MySQL username.
  -p PASS         MySQL password.
  -P PORT         MySQL port.
  -S SOCKET       MySQL socket file.
  -w WARN         Warning threshold; default 16.
  --help          Print help and exit.
  --version       Print version and exit.
Options must be given as --option value, not --option=value or -Ovalue.
Use perldoc to read embedded documentation with more details.


This Nagios plugin examines MySQL’s processlist and alerts when there are too many processes in various states. The list of checks is as follows:

Unauthenticated users

Unauthenticated users appear when DNS resolution is slow, and can be a warning sign of DNS performance problems that could cause a sudden denial of service to the server.

Locked processes

Locked processes are the signature of MyISAM tables, but can also appear for other reasons.

Copying to temporary tables

Too many processes copying to various kinds of temporary tables at one time is a typical symptom of a storm of poorly optimized queries.


Too many processes in the “statistics” state is a signature of InnoDB concurrency problems causing query execution plan generation to take too long.


This plugin executes the following commands against MySQL:


This plugin executes no UNIX commands that may need special privileges.


Percona Monitoring Plugins pmp-check-mysql-processlist 1.0.5

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