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2013-10-02: version 1.0.5

  • Added mysql-ca option to ss_get_mysql_stats.php (bug 1213857)
  • Added user info to the idle_blocker_duration check of pmp-check-mysql-innodb (bug 1215317)
  • Extended pmp-check-mysql-processlist with more locking states (bug 1213859)
  • ss_get_mysql_stats.php did not work with custom mysql port (bug 1213862)
  • ss_get_mysql_stats.php silently failed when a query returns too many rows (bug 1225070)
  • Wrong description of percona-cacti-templates deb package (bug 1217782)

2013-07-22: version 1.0.4

  • Added Galera/MySQL Monitoring Template for Cacti
  • Added “Disk Read/Write Time per IO Request (ms)” graph
  • Added “MySQL InnoDB Buffer Pool Efficiency” graph
  • Switched ss_get_mysql_stats.php to PHP MySQLi extension and made it working with SSL (bug 1193097)
  • Added user info to the max_duration check of pmp-check-mysql-innodb plugin (bug 1185513)
  • ss_get_mysql_stats.php default values for ‘$status’ array were null instead of 0 (bug 1070268)
  • Introduction of innodb_read_views_memory overrode the InnoDB total memory allocated output in Cacti (bug 1188519)
  • ss_get_by_ssh.php parsed MongoDB counters incorrectly when replica is set (bug 1087073)
  • Cacti graph “Redis Unsaved Changes” was empty for Redis 2.6 (bug 1110372)
  • Comparison of status variables that are strings didn’t work with pmp-check-mysql-status (bug 1191305)
  • pmp-check-mysql-processlist always showed 0 for “copy to table” counter (bug 1197084)
  • percona-nagios-plugins package failed to install on Debian Squeeze when debsums is installed (bug 1194757)

2013-04-17: version 1.0.3

  • MySQL 5.6 compatibility for InnoDB graphs (bug 1124292)
  • Added performance data to Nagios plugins (bugs 1090145, 1102687)
  • Added UTC option to pmp-check-mysql-replication-delay to be compatible with pt-hearbeat 2.1.8+ (bug 1103364)
  • Added 1-second granularity to pmp-check-mysql-deadlocks (bug 1154774)
  • Added package install/update instructions and other documentation updates (bugs 1139652, 1124200, 1015981)
  • Updated documentation with the new Cacti sample images
  • Updated “Network Traffic” to be blue and green and to show bits/sec (bug 1132900)
  • Extended “MySQL Threads” graph with all kind of threads (bug 1157911)
  • Some Cacti single-item graphs were broken due to cacti hexadecimal transformation (bug 1155513)
  • Memcached graphs were broken when the wrong arguments for nc command are passed (bug 1155712)
  • ss_get_by_ssh.php didn’t gather mongodb stats without SSH (bug 1050537)
  • ss_get_by_ssh.php didn’t timeout commands that hang (bug 1160611)
  • pmp-check-file-privs didn’t throw the proper error on directory permissions issue (bug 1024001)
  • pmp-check-mysql-replication-running reported OK when a slave is in “Connecting” state (bug 1089506)

Update note: Cacti templates have to be re-imported together with the updating of ss_get_*.php scripts. Then make sure you rebuilt the poller cache under Cacti -> System Utilities. Also the following Cacti graphs need to be recreated: MySQL “MySQL Threads”, Linux “Network Traffic”.

2013-02-15: version 1.0.2

  • Created Debian and RPM packages
  • Added “Disk IOPS” graph to Cacti Linux Templates
  • Added an option to pmp-check-unix-memory to disable overriding the status based on the largest process in memory (bug 1052368)
  • Added ‘!=’ comparison operator to pmp-check-mysql-status (bug 1048627)
  • pmp-check-mysql-replication-delay didn’t alert if second behing master is NULL (bug 1040528)
  • pmp-check-pt-table-checksum reported OK when checksums table does not exist (bug 1114425)
  • pmp-check-pt-table-checksum threw “Bad substitution” error on Debian (bug 1071802)
  • Minor updates to the documentation (bugs 1021855, 1014814, 1125233)

2012-06-12: version 1.0.1

  • Cacti debug logs had a 12-hour timestamp instead of 24-hour (bug 973320).
  • Nagios checks didn’t remove temporary files on some platforms (bug 977514).
  • Nagios plugins didn’t use enough XXX in mktemp patterns (bug 2022766).
  • Nagios check for deleted files didn’t return 0 on success (bug 1009751).
  • Nagios check for long-running txns didn’t show thread ID (bug 1011625).

2012-04-02: version 1.0.0

  • Load average was 15-minute instead of 1-minute (bug 968604).
  • MySQL connection errors weren’t logged (bug 958782).
  • The pmp-check-mysql-deadlocks referred to pt-heartbeat (bug 934255).
  • HTTP status was not fetched correctly when $use_ssh was disabled (bug 937017).
  • MongoDB didn’t support –port2 (bug 937018).
  • Percona Server response time graph didn’t tolerate <> 14 rows (bug 954118).
  • The release tarball had an extra directory (bug 934227).
  • pmp-check-mysql-status didn’t remove one of its temp files (bug 959425).

2012-02-16: version 0.9.0

  • Initial release. Not backwards compatible with Better Cacti Templates.
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