Use case: Monitoring a PostgreSQL database running on an Amazon RDS instance

As of version 1.14.0 PMM supports PostgreSQL out-of-the-box.

This example demonstrates how to start monitoring a PostgreSQL host which is installed on an Amazon RDS instance.


This use case is limited to demonstrating the essential part of using external monitoring services of PMM and should be treated as an example. As such, it does not demostrate how to use the security features of Amazon RDS or of the Prometheus exporter being used.

Set Up the PostgreSQL Exporter

First, you need to enable an exporter for PostgreSQL on the computer where you have installed the PMM Client package with the pmm-admin add command:

pmm-admin add postgresql --host= --password=ABC123 --user=pmm_user

More information on enabling and configuring PostgreSQL exporter can be found in the detailed instructions.

Check Settings of Your Amazon RDS Instance

Your Amazon RDS instance where you have installed PostgreSQL must be allowed to communicate outside of the VPC hosting the DB instance. Select Yes in the Public accessibility field.


Modify your Amazon RDS instance and make it publicly accessible

Add monitoring service for PostgreSQL

To make the metrics from your Amazon RDS instance available to PMM, you need to run pmm-admin add command as follows:

Run this command as root or by using the sudo command

pmm-admin add postgresql --host= --password=ABC123 --port=5432 --user=pmm_user postgresql_rds01

The last parameter gives a distinct name to your host. If you do not specify a custom instance name, the name of the host where you run pmm-admin add is used automatically. The command adds the given PostgreSQL instance to both system and metrics monitoring, and confirms that now monitoring the given system and the PostgreSQL metrics on it. Also pmm-admin list command can be used further to see more details:

$ pmm-admin list
pmm-admin 1.8.0

PMM Server      |
Client Name     | percona
Client Address  |
Service Manager | linux-systemd


Job name  Scrape interval  Scrape timeout  Metrics path  Scheme  Target           Labels                       Health
postgres  1m0s             10s             /metrics      http  instance="postgresql_rds01"  DOWN

Viewing PostgreSQL Metrics in PMM

Now, open Metrics Monitor in your browser and select the PostgreSQL Overview dashboard either using the Dashboard Dropdown or the PostgreSQL group of the navigation menu:


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