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You can access the PMM web interface using the IP address of the host where PMM Server is running. For example, if PMM Server is running on a host with IP, access the following address with your web browser:

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Installing PMM Server
Installing PMM Server

The PMM home page that opens provides an overview of the environment that you have set up to monitor by using the pmm-admin tool.

From the PMM home page, you can access specific monitoring tools, or dashboards. Each dashboard features a collection of metrics. These are graphs of a certain type that represent one specific aspect showing how metric values change over time.


The home page is an overview of your system

By default the PMM home page lists most recently used dashboards and helpful links to the information that may be useful to understand PMM better.

The PMM home page lists all hosts that you have set up for monitoring as well as the essential details about their performance such as CPU load, disk performance, or network activity.

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