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Running PMM Server Using Amazon Machine Images

Percona provides public Amazon Machine Images (AMI) with PMM Server in all regions where Amazon Web Services (AWS) is available. You can launch an instance using the web console for the corresponding image:

Region AMI ID
US East (N. Virginia) ami-1902550f
US East (Ohio) ami-5c0c2a39
US West (N. California) ami-41e4c721
US West (Oregon) ami-e5335f85
Canada (Central) ami-ff279b9b
EU (Ireland) ami-3dd7c75b
EU (Frankfurt) ami-d205dfbd
EU (London) ami-42fbec26
Asia Pacific (Singapore) ami-26e86845
Asia Pacific (Sydney) ami-8fe7f0ec
Asia Pacific (Seoul) ami-c9e13da7
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) ami-012e2e66
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) ami-0299e56d
South America (São Paulo) ami-a390f9cf

Running from Command Line

  1. Launch the PMM Server instance using the run-instances command for the corresponding region and image. For example:

    aws ec2 run-instances \
      --image-id ami-9a0acb8c \
      --security-group-ids sg-3b6e5e46 \
      --instance-type t2.micro \
      --subnet-id subnet-4765a930 \
      --region us-east-1 \
      --key-name SSH-KEYNAME


    Providing the public SSH key is optional. Specify it if you want SSH access to PMM Server.

  2. Set a name for the instance using the create-tags command. For example:

    aws ec2 create-tags  \
      --resources i-XXXX-INSTANCE-ID-XXXX \
      --region us-east-1 \
      --tags Key=Name,Value=OWNER_NAME-pmm
  3. Get the IP address for accessing PMM Server from console output using the get-console-output command. For example:

    aws ec2 get-console-output \
      --instance-id i-XXXX-INSTANCE-ID-XXXX \
      --region us-east-1 \
      --output text \
      | grep cloud-init

Next Steps

Verify that PMM Server is running by connecting to the PMM web interface using the IP address from the console output, then install PMM Client on all database hosts that you want to monitor.

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