Setting up

The PMM setting-up process can be broken into three key stages:

  1. Setting up at least one PMM Server
  2. Setting up one or more PMM Clients
  3. Configuring and adding services for monitoring

uml diagram

Setting up PMM Server

You must set up at least one PMM Server. A server can run:

Setting up PMM Client

You must set up PMM Client on each node where there is a service to be monitored. You can do this:

  1. with a package manager (apt, apt-get, dnf, yum)
  2. by manually downloading and installing .deb or .rpm packages
  3. by manually downloading and unpacking a binary package (.tar.gz)
  4. with a Docker image

Configure and add services

You must configure your services and add them to PMM Server’s inventory of monitored systems. This is different for each type of service:

You do this on each node/service being monitored.

If you have configured everything correctly, you’ll see data in the PMM user interface, in one of the dashboards specific to the type of service.

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