A PMM Client docker image is available from percona/pmm-client.

It runs with Docker 1.12.6 or later.


Make sure that the firewall and routing rules of the host do not constrain the Docker container. (Read more in the FAQ.)

The Docker image is a collection of preinstalled software which lets you run a selected version of PMM Client.

The Docker image is not run directly.

You use it to create a Docker container for your PMM Client.

When launched, the Docker container gives access to the whole functionality of PMM Client.

Running PMM Client as a Docker container

  1. Pull the image

    docker pull percona/pmm-client:2
  2. Create a persistent data store

    docker create -v /srv --name pmm-client-data percona/pmm-client:2 /bin/true


    This container does not run, but exists only to make sure you retain all PMM data when upgrading to a newer image.

  3. Run the container

    docker run --rm \
        -e PMM_AGENT_SERVER_ADDRESS=<your-pmm-server-IP-address>:443 \
        -e PMM_AGENT_SERVER_USERNAME=admin \
        -e PMM_AGENT_SERVER_PASSWORD=admin \
        -e PMM_AGENT_SETUP=1 \
        -e PMM_AGENT_CONFIG_FILE=pmm-agent.yml \
        --volumes-from pmm-client-data percona/pmm-client:2

    Connecting to a Docker PMM Server by container name

    To connect to a Dockerized PMM Server by name instead of IP:

    1. Put both containers on a non-default network:

      • docker network create <network-name> to create a network,
      • docker network connect <network-name> <container> to connect a container to that network.
    2. Change the value of the first option to -e PMM_AGENT_SERVER_ADDRESS=<your-pmm-server-container-name>:443.


To get help:

docker run --rm percona/pmm-client:2 --help
  • Page updated 2021-01-13


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