Percona Monitoring and Management 2.2.2

Date:February 4, 2020

Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a free and open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL performance.

For PMM install instructions, see Installing PMM Server and Installing PMM Client.


PMM 2 is designed to be used as a new installation — your existing PMM 1 environment can’t be upgraded to this version.

Improvements and new features

  • PMM-5321: The optimization of the Query Analytics parser code for PostgreSQL queries allowed us to reduce the memory resources consumption by 1-5%, and the parsing time of an individual query by 30-40%
  • PMM-5184: The pmm-admin summary command have gained a new --skip-server flag which makes it operating in a local-only mode, creating summary file without contacting the PMM Server

Fixed bugs

  • PMM-5340: The Scraping Time Drift graph on the Prometheus dashboard was showing wrong values because the actual metrics resolution wasn’t taken into account
  • PMM-5060: Qery Analytics Dashboard did not show the row with the last query of the first page, if the number of queries to display was 11
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