Navigating to Query Analytics

To start working with QAN, choose the Query analytics, which is the very left item of the system menu on the top. The QAN dashboard will show up several panels: a search panel, followed by a filter panel on the left, and a panel with the list of queries in a summary table. The columns on this panel are highly customizable, and by default, it displays Query column, followed by few essential metrics, such as Load, Count, and Latency.


The query summary table.

Also it worth to mention that QAN data come in with typical 1-2 min delay, though it is possible to be delayed more because of specific network condition and state of the monitored object. In such situations QAN reports “no data” situation, using sparkline to and showing a gap in place of the time interval, for which data are not available yet.


Showing intervals for which data are unavailable yet.

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