Understanding Dashboards

The Metrics Monitor tool provides a historical view of metrics that are critical to a database server. Time-based graphs are separated into dashboards by themes: some are related to MySQL or MongoDB, others provide general system metrics.

Opening a Dashboard

The default PMM installation provides more than thirty dashboards. To make it easier to reach a specific dashboard, the system offers two tools. The Dashboard Dropdown is a button in the header of any PMM page. It lists all dashboards, organized into folders. Right sub-panel allows to rearrange things, creating new folders and dragging dashboards into them. Also a text box on the top allows to search the required dashboard by typing.


With Dashboard Dropdown, search the alphabetical list for any dashboard.

Viewing More Information about a Graph

Each graph has a descriptions to display more information about the monitored data without cluttering the interface.

These are on-demand descriptions in the tooltip format that you can find by hovering the mouse pointer over the More Information icon at the top left corner of a graph. When you move the mouse pointer away from the More Information button the description disappears.


Graph descriptions provide more information about a graph without claiming any space in the interface.

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