Configuring Performance Schema

The default source of query data for PMM is the slow query log. It is available in MySQL 5.1 and later versions. Starting from MySQL 5.6 (including Percona Server 5.6 and later), you can choose to parse query data from the Performance Schema instead of slow query log. Starting from MySQL 5.6.6, Performance Schema is enabled by default.

Performance Schema is not as data-rich as the slow query log, but it has all the critical data and is generally faster to parse. If you are not running Percona Server (which supports sampling for the slow query log), then Performance Schema is a better alternative.


Use of the performance schema is off by default in MariaDB 10.x.

To use Performance Schema, set the performance_schema variable to ON:

SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'performance_schema';
| Variable_name      | Value |
| performance_schema | ON    |

If this variable is not set to ON, add the the following lines to the MySQL configuration file my.cnf and restart MySQL:


If you are running a custom Performance Schema configuration, make sure that the statements_digest consumer is enabled:

select * from setup_consumers;
| NAME                             | ENABLED |
| events_stages_current            | NO      |
| events_stages_history            | NO      |
| events_stages_history_long       | NO      |
| events_statements_current        | YES     |
| events_statements_history        | YES     |
| events_statements_history_long   | NO      |
| events_transactions_current      | NO      |
| events_transactions_history      | NO      |
| events_transactions_history_long | NO      |
| events_waits_current             | NO      |
| events_waits_history             | NO      |
| events_waits_history_long        | NO      |
| global_instrumentation           | YES     |
| thread_instrumentation           | YES     |
| statements_digest                | YES     |
15 rows in set (0.00 sec)


Performance Schema instrumentation is enabled by default in MySQL 5.6.6 and later versions. It is not available at all in MySQL versions prior to 5.6.

If certain instruments are not enabled, you will not see the corresponding graphs in the MySQL Performance Schema Details dashboard. To enable full instrumentation, set the option --performance_schema_instrument to '%=on' when starting the MySQL server.

mysqld --performance-schema-instrument='%=on'

This option can cause additional overhead and should be used with care.

If the instance is already running, configure the QAN agent to collect data from Performance Schema:

  1. Open the PMM Query Analytics dashboard.
  2. Click the Settings button.
  3. Open the Settings section.
  4. Select Performance Schema in the Collect from drop-down list.
  5. Click Apply to save changes.

If you are adding a new monitoring instance with the pmm-admin tool, use the --query-source perfschema option:

Run this command as root or by using the sudo command

pmm-admin add mysql --username=pmm --password=pmmpassword --query-source='perfschema' ps-mysql

For more information, run pmm-admin add mysql --help.

See also

MySQL Server 5.7 Documentation: –performance_schema_instrument

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