Annotating important Application Events

Adding annotations

The pmm-admin annotate command registers a moment in time, marking it with a text string called an annotation.

The presence of an annotation shows as a vertical dashed line on a dashboard graph; the annotation text is revealed by mousing over the caret indicator below the line.

Annotations are useful for recording the moment of a system change or other significant application event.

They can be set globally or for specific nodes or services.



pmm-admin annotate [--node|--service] <annotation> [--tags <tags>] [--node-name=<node>] [--service-name=<service>]


The annotation string. If it contains spaces, it should be quoted.
Annotate the current node or that specified by --node-name.
Annotate all services running on the current node, or that specified by --service-name.
A quoted string that defines one or more comma-separated tags for the annotation. Example: "tag 1,tag 2".
The node name being annotated.
The service name being annotated.

Annotation Visibility

You can toggle the display of annotations on graphs with the PMM Annotations checkbox.


Remove the check mark to hide annotations from all dashboards.

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