Running PMM Server via Docker

Docker images of PMM Server are stored at the percona/pmm-server public repository. The host must be able to run Docker 1.12.6 or later, and have network access.

PMM needs roughly 1GB of storage for each monitored database node with data retention set to one week. Minimum memory is 2 GB for one monitored database node, but it is not linear when you add more nodes. For example, data from 20 nodes should be easily handled with 16 GB.

Make sure that the firewall and routing rules of the host do not constrain the Docker container. For more information, see How do I troubleshoot communication issues between PMM Client and PMM Server?.

For more information about using Docker, see the Docker Docs.


By default, retention is set to 30 days for Metrics Monitor. Also consider disabling table statistics, which can greatly decrease Prometheus database size.

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