Installing Clients

PMM Client is a package of agents and exporters installed on a database host that you want to monitor. Before installing the PMM Client package on each database host that you intend to monitor, make sure that your PMM Server host is accessible.

For example, you can run the ping command passing the IP address of the computer that PMM Server is running on. For example:


You will need to have root access on the database host where you will be installing PMM Client (either logged in as a user with root privileges or be able to run commands with sudo).

Supported platforms

PMM Client should run on any modern Linux 64-bit distribution, however Percona provides PMM Client packages for automatic installation from software repositories only on the most popular Linux distributions:

It is recommended that you install your PMM (Percona Monitoring and Management) client by using the software repository for your system. If this option does not work for you, Percona provides downloadable PMM Client packages from the Download Percona Monitoring and Management page.

In addition to DEB and RPM packages, this site also offers:

  • Generic tarballs that you can extract and run the included install script.
  • Source code tarball to build your PMM (Percona Monitoring and Management) client from source.


You should not install agents on database servers that have the same host name, because host names are used by PMM Server to identify collected data.

Storage requirements

Minimum 100 MB of storage is required for installing the PMM Client package. With a good constant connection to PMM Server, additional storage is not required. However, the client needs to store any collected data that it is not able to send over immediately, so additional storage may be required if connection is unstable or throughput is too low.

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