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The Inventory dashboard is a high level overview of all objects PMM “knows” about.

It contains three tabs (services, agents, and nodes) with lists of the correspondent objects and details about them, so that users are better able to understand which objects are registered against PMM Server. These objects are composing a hierarchy with Node at the top, then Service and Agents assigned to a Node.

  • Nodes – Where the service and agents will run. Assigned a node_id, associated with a machine_id (from /etc/machine-id). Few examples are bare metal, virtualized, container.

  • Services – Individual service names and where they run, against which agents will be assigned. Each instance of a service gets a service_id value that is related to a node_id. Examples are MySQL, Amazon Aurora MySQL. This feature also allows to support multiple mysqld instances on a single node, with different service names, e.g. mysql1-3306, and mysql1-3307.

  • Agents – Each binary (exporter, agent) running on a client will get an agent_id value.

    • pmm-agent one is the top of the tree, assigned to a node_id

    • node_exporter is assigned to pmm-agent agent_id

    • mysqld_exporter & QAN MySQL Perfschema are assigned to a service_id.

Examples are pmm-agent, node_exporter, mysqld_exporter, QAN MySQL Perfschema.

Removing items from the inventory

You can remove items from the inventory.

  1. Open Home Dashboard > PMM Inventory

  2. In the first column, select the items to be removed.


  3. Click Delete. The interface will ask you to confirm the operation:


  • Page updated 2021-02-10


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