MongoDB RocksDB

The MongoDB RocksDB dashboard contains metrics that describe the performance of the RocksDB storage engine for the selected MongoDB host instance. This dashboard contains the following metrics:

  • RocksDB Memtable used
  • RocksDB block cache used
  • Memory cached
  • Document activity
  • RocksDB cache usage
  • RocksDB Memtable entries
  • RocksDB block cache hit ratio
  • RocksDB write acitivity
  • RocksDB read activity
  • RocksDB Level0 read latency
  • RocksDB LevelN read average latency
  • RocksDB LevelN 99th percentile read latency
  • RocksDB LevelN maximum read latency
  • RocksDB compaction time
  • RocksDB compaction write amplification
  • RocksDB compaction read rate
  • RocksDB compaction write rate
  • RocksDB compaction key rate
  • RocksDB compaction threads
  • RocksDB compaction level files
  • RocksDB compaction level size
  • RocksDB write ahead log rate
  • RocksDB write ahead log sync size
  • RocksDB flush rate
  • RocksDB pending operations
  • RocksDB stall time
  • RocksDB stalls
  • Client operations
  • Queued operations
  • Scanned and moved objects
  • Page faults
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