MongoDB MMAPv1

The MongoDB MMAPv1 dashboard contains metrics that describe the performance of the MMAPv1 storage engine for MongoDB. This dashboard includes the following metrics:

  • MMAPv1 lock wait ratio
  • MMAPv1 write lock time
  • Memory cached
  • Memory available
  • Document activity
  • MMAPv1 lock ratios
  • MMAPv1 lock wait time
  • MMAPv1 page faults
  • MMAPv1 journal write activity
  • MMAPv1 journal commit activity
  • MMAPv1 journaling time
  • MMAPv1 journaling time - 99th percentile
  • MMAPv1 background flushing time
  • Queued operations
  • Client operations
  • Scanned and moved objects
  • MMAPv1 memory usage
  • MMAPv1 memory dirty pages
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