Nodes Compare

The Nodes Compare dashboard allows you to compare wide range of parameters of the servers monitored by PMM. Same type parameters are shown side by side for all the servers, grouped into the following sections:

  • System Information
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Disk Partitions
  • Disk Performance
  • Network

The System Information section shows the System Info summary of each server, as well as System Uptime, CPU Cores, RAM, Saturation Metrics, and Load Average gauges.

The CPU section offers the CPU Usage, Interrupts, and Context Switches metrics.

In the Memory section, you can find the Memory Usage, Swap Usage, and Swap Activity metrics.

The Disk Partitions section encapsulates two metrics, Mountpoint Usage and Free Space.

The Disk Performance section contains the I/O Activity, Disk Operations, Disk Bandwidth, Disk IO Utilization, Disk Latency, and Disk Load metrics.

Finally, Network section shows Network Traffic, and Network Utilization Hourly metrics.

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