Node Exporter (node_exporter)

The following options may be passed to the linux:metrics monitoring service as additional options. For more information about this exporter see its GitHub repository:

Collector options

Name Enabled by Default Description
conntrack Yes Shows conntrack statistics (does nothing if no /proc/sys/net/netfilter/ present).
diskstats Yes Disk I/O statistics from /proc/diskstats.
edac Yes Error detection and correction statistics.
entropy Yes Available entropy.
filefd Yes File descriptor statistics from /proc/sys/fs/file-nr.
filesystem Yes Filesystem statistics, such as disk space used. , Dragonfly, FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD
hwmon Yes Hardware monitoring and sensor data from /sys/class/hwmon/.
infiniband Yes Network statistics specific to InfiniBand configurations.
loadavg Yes Load average. , Dragonfly, FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris
mdadm Yes Statistics about devices in /proc/mdstat (does nothing if no /proc/mdstat present).
meminfo Yes Memory statistics. , Dragonfly, FreeBSD, Linux
netdev Yes Network interface statistics such as bytes transferred. , Dragonfly, FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD
netstat Yes Network statistics from /proc/net/netstat. This is the same information as netstat -s.
sockstat Yes Various statistics from /proc/net/sockstat.
stat Yes Various statistics from /proc/stat. This includes CPU usage, boot time, forks and interrupts.
textfile Yes Statistics read from local disk. The – flag must be set.
time Yes The current system time.
uname Yes System information as provided by the uname system call.
vmstat Yes Statistics from /proc/vmstat.
wifi Yes WiFi device and station statistics.
zfs Yes ZFS performance statistics.
bonding No The number of configured and active slaves of Linux bonding interfaces.
buddyinfo No Statistics of memory fragments as reported by /proc/buddyinfo.
drbd No Distributed Replicated Block Device statistics
interrupts No Detailed interrupts statistics. , OpenBSD
ipvs No IPVS status from /proc/net/ip_vs and stats from /proc/net/ip_vs_stats.
ksmd No Kernel and system statistics from /sys/kernel/mm/ksm.
logind No Session counts from logind.
meminfo_numa No Memory statistics from /proc/meminfo_numa.
mountstats No Filesystem statistics from /proc/self/mountstats. Exposes detailed NFS client statistics.
nfs No NFS client statistics from /proc/net/rpc/nfs. This is the same information as nfsstat -c.
runit No Service status from runit.
supervisord No Service status from [supervisord]((
systemd No Service and system status from systemd.
tcpstat No TCP connection status information from /proc/net/tcp and /proc/net/tcp6. (Warning: the current version has potential performance issues in high load situations.)
gmond Deprecated Statistics from Ganglia
megacli Deprecated RAID statistics from MegaCLI
ntp Deprecated Time drift from an NTP server


Version added: 1.13.0

PMM shows NUMA related metrics on the Advanced Data Exploration and NUMA Overview dashboards. To enable this feature, the meminfo_numa option is enabled automatically when you install PMM.

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