MongoDB Exporter (mongodb_exporter)

The following options may be passed to the mongodb:metrics monitoring service as additional options. For more information about this exporter see its GitHub repository:


Name Description
-collect.collection Enable collection of Collection metrics
-collect.database Enable collection of Database metrics
-groups.enabled string Comma-separated list of groups to use, (default “asserts,durability,background_flushing,connections,extra_info,global_lock, index_counters,network,op_counters,op_counters_repl,memory,locks,metrics”)
-mongodb.max-connections int Max number of pooled connections to the database. (default 1)
-mongodb.tls Enable tls connection with mongo server
-mongodb.tls-ca string Path to PEM file that contains the CAs that are trusted for server connections. If provided: MongoDB servers connecting to should present a certificate signed by one of this CAs. If not provided: System default CAs are used.
-mongodb.tls-cert string Path to PEM file that contains the certificate (and optionally also the decrypted private key in PEM format). This should include the whole certificate chain. If provided: The connection will be opened via TLS to the MongoDB server.
-mongodb.tls-disable-hostname-validation Do hostname validation for server connection.
-mongodb.tls-private-key string Path to PEM file that contains the decrypted private key (if not contained in mongodb.tls-cert file).
-mongodb.uri string MongoDB URI, format: [mongodb://][user:pass@]host1[:port1][,host2[:port2],…][/database][?options] (default “mongodb://localhost:27017”)
-version Print version information and exit.
-web.auth-file string Path to YAML file with server_user, server_password options for http basic auth (overrides HTTP_AUTH env var).
-web.listen-address string Address to listen on for web interface and telemetry. (default “:9216”)
-web.metrics-path string Path under which to expose metrics. (default “/metrics”)
-web.ssl-cert-file string Path to SSL certificate file.
-web.ssl-key-file string Path to SSL key file.
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