Percona Monitoring and Management 1.8.1

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    March 06, 2018

Percona announces the release of Percona Monitoring and Management 1.8.1. Percona Monitoring and Management is a free and open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL and MongoDB performance. You can run PMM in your own environment for maximum security and reliability. It provides thorough time-based analysis for MySQL and MongoDB servers to ensure that your data works as efficiently as possible..

This release contains bug fixes only and supersedes Percona Monitoring and Management 1.8.0.


  • PMM-2051: The ProxySQL Overview dashboard enables selecting more than one host group in the Hostgroup field.
  • PMM-2163: Dashboards based on the rds_exporter now use the node_cpu_average metric instead of node_cpu

Bug fixes

  • PMM-854: In some cases, databases and tables could be detected incorrectly
  • PMM-1745: For some queries, Query Abstract showed incorrect database name in QAN.
  • PMM-1928: In some cases, PMM Query Analytics added a wrong schema
  • PMM-2014: PMM Query Analytics could incorrectly include a schema from another server
  • PMM-2082: The PMM Query Analytics Settings dashboard had minor user interface problems.
  • PMM-2122: The time selector in PMM Query Analytics showed time in the local timezone while time values in the Query Abstract: were in the UTC format.
  • PMM-2127: There was a typo in the QAN interface when there was no data
  • PMM-2129: In some cases, QAN could show an incorrect fingerprint if the query contained no table.
  • PMM-2171: The JSON section in PMM Query Analytics was displayed incorrectly
  • PMM-2172: The CPU Usage metrics was not consistent in the System Summary dashboard
  • PMM-2173: Summary values were inconsistent
  • PMM-2174: Amazon Aurora nodes were not shown in the System Overview dashboard
  • PMM-2176: Lengthy queries were not displayed correctly in PMM Query Analytics.
  • PMM-2177: The Incorrect Table name error appeared on the first load of PMM Query Analytics.
  • PMM-2184: When port forwarding was used with Docker, the permanent redirects would break
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