Percona Monitoring and Management 1.6.0

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    January 18, 2018

Percona announces the release of Percona Monitoring and Management 1.6.0. In this release, PMM Grafana metrics are made available in the Advanced Data Exploration dashboard. The integration with MyRocks has been improved and its data are now collected from SHOW GLOBAL STATUS.

The MongoDB exporter now features two new metrics: mongodb_up to inform if the MongoDB Server is running and mongodb_scrape_errors_total reporting the total number of errors when scraping MongoDB.

In this release, the performance of the mongodb:metrics monitoring service has been greatly improved.

PMM 1.6.0 also includes version 4.6.3 of Grafana which includes fixes to bugs in the alert list and in the alerting rules.

New Features

  • PMM-1773: PMM Grafana specific metrics have been added to the Advanced Data Exploration dashboard.


  • PMM-1485: Updated MyRocks integration: MyRocks data is now collected entirely from SHOW GLOBAL STATUS and we have eliminated SHOW ENGINE ROCKSDB STATUS as a data source in mysqld_exporter.
  • PMM-1895: Update Grafana to version 4.6.3:
    • Alert list: Now shows alert state changes even after adding manual annotations on dashboard #9951
    • Alerting: Fixes bug where rules evaluated as firing when all conditions was false and using OR operator. #9318
  • PMM-1586: The mongodb_exporter exporter exposes two new metrics:
    • mongodb_up informing if the MongoDB server is running and
    • mongodb_scrape_errors_total informing the total number of times an error occurred when scraping MongoDB.
  • PMM-1764: Various small mongodb_exporter improvements
  • PMM-1942: Improved the consistency of using labels in all Prometheus related dashboards.
  • PMM-1936: Updated the Prometheus dashboard in Metrics Monitor
  • PMM-1937: Added the CPU Utilization Details (Cores) dashboard to Metrics Monitor.
  • PMM-1887: Improved the help text for pmm-admin to provide more information about exporter options.
  • PMM-1939: In Metrics Monitor, two new dashboards have been added to provide more information about Prometheus exporters. The Prometheus Exporters Overview dashboard provides a summary of how exporters utilize system resources and the Prometheus Exporter Status dashboard tracks the performance of each Prometheus exporter.

Bug fixes

  • PMM-1549: Broken default auth db for mongodb:queries
  • PMM-1631: In some cases percentage values were displayed incorrectly for MongoDB hosts.
  • PMM-1640: RDS exporter: simplify configuration.
  • PMM-1760: After the mongodb:metrics monitoring service was added, the usage of CPU considerably increased in QAN versions 1.4.1 through 1.5.3.

In our limited testing we observed the following results:

PMM Version CPU Usage
1.5.0 95%
1.5.3 85%
1.6.0 1%
  • PMM-1815: QAN could show data for a MySQL host when a MongoDB host was selected.
  • PMM-1888: In QAN, query metrics were not loaded when the QAN page was refreshed.
  • PMM-1898: In QAN, the Per Query Stats graph displayed incorrect values for MongoDB
  • PMM-1796: In Metrics Monitor, The Top Process States Hourly graph from the the MySQL Overview dashboard showed incorrect data.
  • PMM-1777: In QAN, the Load column could display incorrect data.
  • PMM-1744: The error Please provide AWS access credentials error appeared although the provided credentials could be processed successfully.
  • PMM-1676: In preparation for migration to Prometheus 2.0 we have updated the System Overview dashboard for compatibility.
  • PMM-1920: Some standard MySQL metrics were missing from the mysqld_exporter Prometheus exporter.
  • PMM-1932: The Response Length metric was not displayed for MongoDB hosts in QAN.
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