Percona Monitoring and Management 1.3.0

  • Date

    September 26, 2017

For install and upgrade instructions, see Deploying Percona Monitoring and Management.

In release 1.3.0, Percona Monitoring and Management introduces a basic support for the MyRocks storage engine. There is a special dashboard in Metrics Monitor where the essential metrics of MyRocks are presented as separate graphs. And Metrics Monitor graphs now feature on-demand descriptions.

There are many improvements to QAN (Query Analytics) both in the user interface design and in its capabilities. In this release, QAN starts supporting all types of MongoDB queries.

Orchestrator is not enabled by default because leaving it in a non-configured state was confusing to users. It is still possible to enable it.

New Features

  • PMM-1290: Basic support for the metrics of the MyRocks storage engine in MySQL via the mysqld-exporter.
  • PMM-1312: Metrics Monitor now features a MyRocks dashboard.
  • PMM-1330: Basic telemetry data are collected from PMM Servers.
  • PMM-1417: A new dashboard titled Advanced Data Exploration Dashboard in Metrics Monitor enables exploring any data in Prometheus
  • PMM-1437: pmm-admin allows passing parameters to exporters.
  • PMM-685: The EXPLAIN command is now supported for MongoDB queries in QAN.


  • PMM-1262: The system checks for updates much faster
  • PMM-1015: QAN should shows all collections from a mongod instance. Make sure that profiling is enabled in MongoDB.
  • PMM-1057: QAN supports all MongoDB query types.
  • PMM-1270: In Metrics Monitor, the MariaDB dashboard host filter now displays only the hosts running MariaDB.
  • PMM-1287: The mongodb:queries monitoring service is not considered to be experimental any more. The dev-enable option is no longer needed when you run the pmm-admin add command to add it.
  • PMM-1446: In Metrics Monitor, the MySQL Active Threads graph displays data more accurately.
  • PMM-1455: In Metrics Monitor, features improved descriptions of the InnoDB Tansactions graph.
  • PMM-1476: In QAN, the new interface is now useed by default.
  • PMM-1479: It is now possible to go to QAN directly from Metrics Monitor.
  • PMM-515: Orchestrator is disabled by default. It is possible to enable it when running your docker container.

Bug fixes

  • PMM-1298: In QAN, the query abstract could be empty for MySQL hosts for low ranking queries. This bug is fixed to contain Low Ranking Queries as the value of the query abstract.
  • PMM-1314: The selected time range in QAN could be applied incorrectly. This problem is not observed in the new design of QAN.
  • PMM-1398: The Prometheus server was not restarted after PMM was upgraded. This bug is now fixed.
  • PMM-1427: The CPU Usage/Load graph in the MySQL Overview dashboard was displayed with slightly incorrect dimensions. This bug is now solved.
  • PMM-1439: If the EXPLAIN command was not supported for the selected query, there could appear a JavaScript error.
  • PMM-1472: In some cases, the monitoring of queries for MongoDB with replication could not be enabled.
  • PMM-943: InnoDB AHI Usage Graph had incorrect naming and hit ratio computation.

Other bug fixes in this release: PMM-1479

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