Percona Monitoring and Management 1.17.2

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    October 24, 2019

Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a free and open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL performance. You can run PMM in your own environment for maximum security and reliability. It provides thorough time-based analysis for MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL servers to ensure that your data works as efficiently as possible.

One of the improvements in this release is a substantial increase in available storage space for the AMI images, which allows now to reserve space for about 10 instances with 30 days retention.


The size is increased for new installations only. The size of any existing installations can be increased in the usual way.

Another improvement is related to the Tooltips for the MySQL InnoDB Compression dashboard, which were updated by providing a description of what the graphs display, along with links to related documentation resources:


Besides these improvements, PMM 1.17.2 release provides fixes for a large number of vulnerabilities. Three fixed vulnerabilities have the Prototype Pollution type: CVE-2019-10747 (in set-value package), CVE-2019-10746 (in mixin-deep), and CVE-2019-10744 (inlodash). We have also fixed WS-2017-3737 (shelljs vulnerable to Command injection), CVE-2019-15043 (Grafana incorrect access control vulnerability), CVE-2019-8331 (possibility of the cross-site scripting in Bootstrap), WS-2019-0100 (fstream library vulnerable to Arbitrary File Overwrite), and CVE-2018-20834 (Improper Link Resolution Before File Access vulnerability in node-tar).

Also, PMM 1.17.2 is now based on Grafana 5.4.5.

In release 1.17.2 we have included 4 improvements and fixed 23 bugs:


  • PMM-3648: RHEL 8 PMM Client support
  • PMM-4311: Debian 10 Buster PMM Client support
  • PMM-2313: Configure AMI images for a 100GB disk instead of a 16GB one
  • PMM-3500: Update tooltips for the MySQL InnoDB Compression dashboard

Fixed Bugs

  • PMM-3089: Problem with RDS after docker way upgrade
  • PMM-511: Group all metrics on MongoDB Cluster Summary dashboard by the ‘replset’ label
  • PMM-2558: Wrong time format in MySQL Table Statistics dashboard
  • PMM-3251: SystemOverview dashboard had Min Space Available zero with squashfs mounted
  • PMM-3256: Not possible to modify the list of collected metrics
  • PMM-3389: Link on “Advanced Memory Details” was leading to the same dashboard
  • PMM-3497: Network chart “bits in /out” labels were in MiB, which is an abbreviation for bytes and not bits.
  • PMM-3515: PostgreSQL Overview dashboard Total Stats are empty if a database is selected
  • PMM-3655: Typos on ProxySQL Dashboard
  • PMM-3748: Gaps in two MySQL Overview graphs
  • PMM-3991: Active Connections chart had wrong values on the  PostgreSQL Overview dashboard
  • PMM-4146: “Error on ingesting out-of-order samples” in Prometheus log when hostname used by PMM dashboards had a dash or a dot symbol
  • PMM-4596: Grafana vulnerability allowed partial access to theGrafana HTTP API without being authenticated, making it possible to run a DoS attack against the server(CVE-2019-15043)
  • PMM-4604: set-value package vulnerable to Prototype Pollution (CVE-2019-10747)
  • PMM-4603: mixin-deep vulnerable to Prototype Pollution (CVE-2019-10746)
  • PMM-4337: lodash vulnerable to Prototype Pollution (CVE-2019-10744)
  • PMM-4253: shelljs vulnerable to Command injection (WS-2017-3737)
  • PMM-4212: fstream library vulnerable to Arbitrary File Overwrite (WS-2019-0100)
  • PMM-3976: Improper Link Resolution Before File Access vulnerability in node-tar package (CVE-2018-20834)
  • PMM-3549: Possibility of the cross-site scripting in Bootstrap (CVE-2019-8331)
  • PMM-4375: Trying to export metrics from a containerized standalone MongoDB caused the exporter runtime error
  • PMM-4370: pmm-client didn’t consider disabled mysql:metrics options and still tried to query the database
  • PMM-4367: PostgreSQL Overview dashboard was showing the wrong PostgreSQL version

Help us improve our software quality by reporting any Percona Monitoring and Management bugs you encounter using our bug tracking system.

How to get PMM Server

PMM is available for installation using three methods:

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