Percona Monitoring and Management 1.0.6


  1. Stop and remove the pmm-server container:

    docker stop pmm-server && docker rm pmm-server
  2. Create the pmm-server container with the new version tag:

    docker run -d \
      -p 80:80 \
      --volumes-from pmm-data \
      --name pmm-server \
      --restart always \
  3. Install new PMM Client version on all hosts that you are monitoring. If you previously installed using Percona repositories, you can upgrade the package as follows:

    • For Debian-based distributions:

      sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade pmm-client
    • For Red Hat Enterprise Linux derivatives:

      sudo yum update pmm-client


New in PMM Server:

  • Prometheus 1.2.2
  • Made external static files local for PMM home page
  • Metrics Monitor improvements:

    • Added Amazon RDS OS Metrics dashboard and CloudWatch data source.
    • Added the PMM Server host to metrics monitoring.
    • Refactored MongoDB dashboards.
    • Added File Descriptors graph to System Overview dashboard.
    • Added Mountpoint Usage graph to Disk Space dashboard.
  • Query Analytics improvements:

    • QAN data is now purged correctly.
    • QAN data retention is made configurable with QUERIES_RETENTION option. Default is 8 days.
  • Various small fixes to Query Analytics.

New in PMM Client:

  • Fixes for mysql:queries service using Performance Schema as query source:

    • Fixed crash when DIGEST_TEXT is NULL.
    • Removed iteration over all query digests on startup.
    • Added sending of query examples to QAN if available (depends on the workload).
  • Added query source information for mysql:queries service in pmm-admin list output.

  • Added purge command to purge metrics data on the server.
  • Updated mongodb_exporter with RocksDB support and various fixes.
  • Removed --nodetype and --replset flags for mongodb:metrics. The --cluster flag is now optional. It is recommended to re-add mongodb:metrics service and purge existing MongoDB metrics using the purge command.
  • Enabled monitoring of file descriptors (requires re-adding linux:metrics service).
  • Improved full uninstallation when PMM Server is unreachable.
  • Added time drift check between server and client to pmm-admin check-network output.
  • Page updated 2021-01-11


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