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All custom Grafana dashboards and settings in Metrics Monitor will be reset when you upgrade PMM Server. Back it up and restore after the upgrade. Starting from version 1.0.5, it is possible to preserve this data, but you will have to recreate the data container with -v /var/lib/grafana. If you choose to recreate the data container, all previously collected data will be lost.

  1. Stop and remove the pmm-server container:

    docker stop pmm-server && docker rm pmm-server
  2. If you also want to recreate the pmm-data container with support for custom Grafana dashboards and settings:

    docker rm pmm-data
  3. If you removed pmm-data container, create it with the new version tag:

    docker create \
      -v /opt/prometheus/data \
      -v /opt/consul-data \
      -v /var/lib/mysql \
      -v /var/lib/grafana \
      --name pmm-data \
      percona/pmm-server:1.0.5 /bin/true
  4. Create the pmm-server container with the new version tag:

    docker run -d \
      -p 80:80 \
      --volumes-from pmm-data \
      --name pmm-server \
      --restart always \
  5. Install new PMM Client version. If you previously installed using Percona repositories, you can upgrade the package as follows:

    • For Debian-based distributions:

      sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade pmm-client
    • For Red Hat Enterprise Linux derivatives:

      sudo yum update pmm-client


PMM Server changes:

  • Prometheus 1.1.3
  • Consul 0.7.0
  • Added Orchestrator - a MySQL replication topology management and visualization tool. Available at /orchestrator URL.


    Orchestrator was included into PMM for experimental purposes. It is a standalone tool, not integrated with PMM other than that you can access it from the landing page.

  • Added ProxySQL metrics and dashboard

  • Changed metric storage encoding to achieve less disk space usage by 50-70%.
  • Grafana data is now stored in the data container to preserve your custom dashboards and settings.


    To enable this, create the data container with -v /var/lib/grafana.

  • MySQL Query Analytics data is now preserved when you remove and then add a mysql:queries instance with the same name using pmm-admin.

  • Fixed rare issue when Nginx tries to use IPv6 for localhost connections.
  • Improvements and fixes to Query Analytics.
  • Various dashboard improvements.

PMM Client changes:

  • Added check for orphaned local and remote services.
  • Added repair command to remove orphaned services.
  • Added proxysql:metrics service and proxysql_exporter.
  • Amended check-network output.
  • Disabled initial client configuration with a name that is already in use.
  • Changed the threshold for automatically disabling table stats when adding mysql:metrics service to 1000 tables on the server. Table stats were previously automatically disabled only if there were over 10 000 tables. You can still manually disable table stats using pmm-admin add mysql --disable-tablestats. For more information, see What are common performance considerations?.
  • Fixes for mysql:queries service:

    • Improved registration and detection of orphaned setup
    • PID file “” is no longer created on Amazon Linux (requires to re-add mysql:queries service)
    • Fixed support for MySQL using a timezone different than UTC
    • Corrected detection of slow log rotation and also perform its own rotation when used as a query source
    • RELOAD privilege is now required to flush the slow log
  • Page updated 2021-01-11


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