Percona Monitoring and Management 1.0.4

This is the first General Availability (GA) release.



This release introduces major changes and requires you to completely remove any previous versions of all PMM components. This means you will lose all previously collected data and start from scratch.

  1. Remove all PMM Clients
  2. Remove PMM Server (including the pmm-data container).

    docker stop pmm-server && docker rm pmm-server && docker rm pmm-data
  3. Create the PMM data container

  4. Create and run the PMM Server container
  5. Install PMM Clients on all your monitored hosts


PMM Server changes:

  • Grafana 3.1.1
  • Prometheus 1.0.2
  • Added SSL and HTTP password protection support
  • Removed the extra alias label for Prometheus
  • Added MongoDB RocksDB, PXC/Galera Cluster Overview dashboards
  • Introduced some visual amendments to the dashboards
  • Added ability to save predefined dashboards in place
  • Query Analytics App:

    • Added sparkline charts to metrics
    • Added search by query fingerprint
    • Various smaller fixes and improvements

PMM Client changes:

  • Renamed services managed by pmm-admin:

    • os > linux:metrics
    • mysql > mysql:metrics
    • queries > mysql:queries
    • mongodb > mongodb:metrics
  • Added group commands:

    • pmm-admin add mysql and pmm-admin rm mysql: add and remove linux:metrics, mysql:metrics, and mysql:queries services
    • pmm-admin add mongodb and pmm-admin rm mongodb: add and remove linux:metrics and mongodb:metrics services
  • Added options to support SSL and HTTP password protection for PMM Server

  • Added check whether the required binaries of exporters are installed.
  • Changed behaviour of --create-user flag for adding MySQL instance:

    • Now pmm-admin employs a single pmm MySQL user, verifies if it exists, and stores the generated password in the configuration
    • Added checks whether MySQL is read-only or a replication slave
    • Stored credentials are automatically picked up by pmm-admin when valid
  • Replaced standard mysqld_exporter with custom one ( This enables pmm-admin to create a single mysql:metrics service instead of three per MySQL instance.

  • Added check for MongoDB connectivity when adding mongodb:metrics instance.
  • Removed the requirement to specify the name when removing a service (the client’s name is used by default)
  • Allowed to add more than one linux:metrics instance for testing purpose
  • Added consistency checks to avoid duplicate services across clients
  • Implemented automatic client address detection
  • Improved installation process: the install script now just copies binaries. You need to use pmm-admin config to add PMM Server address.
  • Now pmm-admin does not modify linux:metrics instance when adding mongodb:metrics
  • Table stats are now disabled automatically if there are more than 10 000 tables
  • Page updated 2021-01-11


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