Percona Monitoring and Management Beta 1.0.2



This beta release introduces major changes to PMM Client and simplifies Docker commands for PMM Server. If you want to preserve Metrics Monitor data, do not remove the pmm-data container. However, previous QAN data will be lost anyway.

  1. Remove PMM Server
  2. Remove all PMM Clients
  3. If you removed the pmm-data container, create it as described in Creating the pmm-data Container
  4. Create and run the PMM Server container
  5. Install PMM Client on all your monitored hosts


New software used in PMM Server:

  • Prometheus 1.0.1
  • Grafana 3.1.0

Simplified interaction with PMM Server container:

  • Eliminated port 9001

    Now the container uses only one configurable port (80 by default)

  • Eliminated the ADDRESS variable

    The IP address of the host is now automatically detected

Redesigned the Query Analytics web app:

  • Redesigned the metrics table
  • Added the ability to show more than 10 queries
  • Added sparkline charts
  • Redesigned the instance settings page
  • Redesigned the query profile table

Other changes related to PMM Server:

  • Set the default metrics retention for Prometheus to 30 days. For more information, see Data retention
  • Improved MongoDB dashboards based on feedback from experts.

Improved PMM Client management:

The pmm-admin has been fully rewritten and is now much more powerful, with more commands, options, and a user-friendly CLI. For more information about using pmm-admin, see Managing PMM Client.

  • Added the --help option to display built-in help for any command.
  • Added the ability to set a custom name when adding an instance. By default, the local host name is used.
  • Added the --service-port option to specify the port that you want the service to use when adding the corresponding instance. By default, it automatically assigns an available port starting from 42000. For more information, see Can I use non-default ports for instances?
  • Added the check-network command to test bidirectional connection and latency between PMM Client and PMM Server.
  • Added the ping command to ping PMM Server from PMM Client.
  • Added the start and stop commands to manually start and stop services managed by pmm-admin.
  • Added the following new options for pmm-admin add mysql to deal with performance issues:

    • --disable-infoschema: Disable all metrics from the information_schema tables.
    • --disable-per-table-stats: Disable per table metrics (for MySQL servers with a huge number of tables)

    For more information, see What are common performance considerations? * When using the --create-user option to add a QAN or MySQL metrics monitoring instance, the password generated for the new user now conforms with MySQL 5.7 default password policy.

Other changes related to PMM Client:

  • Eliminated intermediate percona-prom-pm process. All monitoring services are now created dynamically via the platform service manager (systemd, upstart, or systemv).
  • Added the ability to monitor multiple instances of MySQL and MongoDB on the same node
  • Cleaned up and improved the installation and uninstallation scripts
  • Page updated 2021-01-29


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