Percona Monitoring and Management Beta 1.0.1



This beta release introduces changes to the pmm-data container, which is used for storing collected data. To upgrade, you will need to remove and re-create this container, losing all your collected data.

  1. Stop and remove the pmm-server container:

    $ docker stop pmm-server && docker rm pmm-server
    $ docker stop pmm-server && docker rm pmm-server
  2. Remove the pmm-data container:

    $ docker rm pmm-data
    $ docker rm pmm-data
  3. Create the PMM data container.

  4. Create and run the PMM Server container.

  5. Upgrade PMM Client on all your monitored hosts.

New Features

  • Grafana 3.0: PMM now includes the latest version of Grafana for visualizing collected metrics data.
  • MongoDB Metrics: With the addition of mongodb_exporter for Prometheus and MongoDB dashboards for Grafana, you can now use PMM for monitoring MongoDB metrics.
  • Consul: Instead of prom-config-api, PMM now uses Consul to provide an API service for communication between PMM Client and Prometheus.
  • Nginx: PMM now uses Nginx, instead of a custom web server.
  • Server Summary: Aggregated query metrics are now available in QAN.
  • MySQL InnoDB Metrics Advanced: New dashboard for MySQL metrics.
  • The web interface is now fully accessible via port 80.

    • /qan/: Query Analytics
    • /graph/: Metrics Monitor (Grafana)
    • /prometheus/: Prometheus web UI
    • /consul/: Consul web UI
    • /v1/: Consul API

    The only other port is 9001 used by QAN API. * pmm-admin tool now includes the ability to add MongoDB instance and specify the port after the address of the PMM Server.

  • Page updated 2021-01-11


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