Percona Monitoring and Management Beta 1.0.0

This is the initial beta release of PMM.

Features of Query Analytics:

  • Uses either the slow query log or Performance Schema
  • Leverages features of Percona Server (slow log rate limiting, extra metrics, and more)
  • Supports analysis for multiple MySQL hosts
  • Provides query ranking for any time range
  • Includes query details with example and fingerprint, real-time EXPLAIN and real-time Table Info

Features of Metrics Monitor:

  • Supports monitoring of multiple MySQL hosts
  • Combines general system metrics (CPU, memory, disk usage, and so on) with comprehensive MySQL metrics
  • Includes Percona Dashboards - a set of dashboards created and tuned by MySQL experts
  • Flexible graph resolution settings enable you to select almost any time range and period
  • Zooming is synchronized across all graphs on a dashboard for granular analysis
  • Logarithmic and linear scale
  • Graphs automatically update when new data arrives
  • Page updated 2021-01-11


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