Restoring the Backed Up Information to the PMM Data Container

If you have a backup copy of your pmm-data container, you can restore it into a Docker container. Start with renaming the existing PMM containers to prevent data loss, create a new pmm-data container, and finally copy the backed up information into the pmm-data container.

Run the following commands as root or by using the sudo command

  1. Stop the running pmm-server container.

    $ docker stop pmm-server
  2. Rename the pmm-server container to pmm-server-backup.

    $ docker rename pmm-server pmm-server-backup
  3. Rename the pmm-data to pmm-data-backup

    $ docker rename pmm-data pmm-data-backup
  4. Create a new pmm-data container

    $ docker create \
       -v /opt/prometheus/data \
       -v /opt/consul-data \
       -v /var/lib/mysql \
       -v /var/lib/grafana \
       --name pmm-data \
       percona/pmm-server:1 /bin/true


The last step creates a new pmm-data container based on the percona/pmm-server:1 image. If you do not intend to use the latest tag, specify the exact version instead, such as 1.5.0. You can find all available versions of pmm-server images at percona/pmm-server.

Assuming that you have a backup copy of your pmm-data, created according to the procedure described in Backing Up PMM Data from the Docker Container , restore your data as follows:

  1. Change the working directory to the directory that contains your pmm-data backup files.

    $ cd ~/pmm-data-backup


    This example assumes that the backup directory is found in your home directory.

  2. Copy data from your backup directory to the pmm-data container.

    $ docker cp opt/prometheus/data pmm-data:/opt/prometheus/
    $ docker cp opt/consul-data pmm-data:/opt/
    $ docker cp var/lib/mysql pmm-data:/var/lib/
    $ docker cp var/lib/grafana pmm-data:/var/lib/
  3. Apply correct ownership to pmm-data files:

    $ docker run --rm --volumes-from pmm-data -it percona/pmm-server:1 chown -R pmm:pmm /opt/prometheus/data /opt/consul-data
    $ docker run --rm --volumes-from pmm-data -it percona/pmm-server:1 chown -R grafana:grafana /var/lib/grafana
    $ docker run --rm --volumes-from pmm-data -it percona/pmm-server:1 chown -R mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql
  4. Run (create and launch) a new pmm-server container:

    $ docker run -d \
       -p 80:80 \
       --volumes-from pmm-data \
       --name pmm-server \
       --restart always \

To make sure that the new server is available run the pmm-admin check-network command from the computer where PMM Client is installed. Run this command as root or by using the sudo command.

$ pmm-admin check-network
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