Prometheus Dashboard

The Prometheus dashboard informs how Prometheus functions.

Prometheus overview

This section shows the most essential parameters of the system where Prometheus is running, such as CPU and memory usage, scrapes performed and the samples ingested in the head block.


This section provides details about the consumption of CPU and memory by the Prometheus process. This section contains the following metrics:

Storage (TSDB)

This section includes a collection of metrics related to the usage of storage. It includes the following metrics:


This section contains metrics that help monitor the scraping process. This section contains the following metrics:


This section contains metrics that monitor Prometheus queries. This section contains the following metrics:


Metrics in this section help detect network problems.

Time Series Information

This section shows the top 10 metrics by time series count and the top 10 hosts by time series count.

System Level Metrics

Metrics in this section give an overview of the essential system characteristics of PMM Server. This information is also available from the System Overview dashboard.

PMM Server Logs

This section contains a link to download the logs collected from your PMM Server and further analyze possible problems. The exported logs are requested when you submit a bug report.

  • Page updated 2021-01-11


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