MySQL User Statistics

This dashboard presents various data related to MySQL users.


This dashboard requires Percona Server for MySQL 5.1+ or MariaDB 10.1/10.2 with XtraDB. Also userstat should be enabled, for example with the SET GLOBAL userstat=1 statement. See Configuring MySQL for Best Results for further instructions.

Data is displayed for the 5 top users.

Top Users by Connections Created
The number of times user’s connections connected using SSL to the server.
Top Users by Traffic
The number of bytes sent to the user’s connections.
Top Users by Rows Fetched/Read
The number of rows fetched by the user’s connections.
Top Users by Rows Updated
The number of rows updated by the user’s connections.
Top Users by Busy Time
The cumulative number of seconds there was activity on connections from the user.
Top Users by CPU Time
The cumulative CPU time elapsed, in seconds, while servicing connections of the user.
  • Page updated 2021-01-11


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