Contacting and Contributing

Percona Monitoring and Management is an open source product. We provide ways for anyone to contact developers and experts directly, submit bug reports and feature requests, and contribute to source code directly.

Contacting Developers

Use the community forum to ask questions about using PMM. Developers and experts will try to help with problems that you experience.

Reporting Bugs

Use the PMM project in JIRA to report bugs and request features. Please register and search for similar issues before submitting a bug or feature request.

Contributing Source Code

Use the GitHub repository to explore source code and suggest contributions. You can fork and clone any Percona repositories, but to have your source code patches accepted please sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

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Contact Us

For free technical help, visit the Percona Community Forum.
To report bugs or submit feature requests, open a JIRA ticket.
For paid support and managed or professional services, contact Percona Sales.