Percona Backup for MongoDB 1.4.1

Date:January 28, 2021
Installation:Installing Percona Backup for MongoDB

Percona Backup for MongoDB is a distributed, low-impact solution for consistent backups of MongoDB sharded clusters and replica sets. This is a tool for creating consistent backups across a MongoDB sharded cluster (or a single replica set), and for restoring those backups to a specific point in time.


  • PBM-621: Show incomplete backups in pbm status output
  • PBM-619: Optimise response time from storage for pbm status
  • PBM-615: Check backup validity for current cluster
  • PBM-608: Enable Kerberos authentication for PBM by adding support for GSSAPI
  • PBM-478: Prevent restore from incomplete backup
  • PBM-610: Fix response time from GCS for pbm status command

Bugs Fixed

  • PBM-618: Check for the complete file set in backup snapshot before processing it

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