Percona Backup for MongoDB 1.3.2

Date:October 14, 2020
Installation:Installing Percona Backup for MongoDB

Percona Backup for MongoDB is a distributed, low-impact solution for consistent backups of MongoDB sharded clusters and replica sets. This is a tool for creating consistent backups across a MongoDB sharded cluster (or a single replica set), and for restoring those backups to a specific point in time.

New Features

  • PBM-426: Add AWS KMS key encryption/decryption for S3 buckets

    Config format

          sseAlgorithm: "aws:kms"
          kmsKeyID: "........"

    (Thanks to user pedroalb for reporting this issue)


  • PBM-568: Print uploadPartSize value to log during backup
  • PBM-560: Use s2 compression as default for pbm-speed-test instead of gzip

Bugs Fixed

  • PBM-485: Fix backups to S3 failing with MaxUploadParts limit by auto-adjusting uploadPartSize value (Thanks to user pedroalb for reporting this issue)
  • PBM-559: pbm-agent runs out of memory while doing restore of large backup (Thanks to user Simon Bernier St-Pierre for reporting this issue)
  • PBM-562: Correct calculation of available PITR time ranges by pbm list
  • PBM-561: Fix setting of numeric options in config
  • PBM-547: Allow deleting backups from local filesystem by moving delete operations to pbm-agents

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