Percona Backup for MongoDB Documentation

Percona Backup for MongoDB is a distributed, low-impact solution for achieving consistent backups of MongoDB sharded clusters and replica sets.

Percona Backup for MongoDB supports Percona Server for MongoDB and MongoDB Community v3.6 or higher with MongoDB Replication enabled.


Percona Backup for MongoDB doesn’t work on standalone MongoDB instances. This is because Percona Backup for MongoDB requires an oplog to guarantee backup consistency. Oplog is available in clusters and replica sets only.

For testing purposes, you can deploy Percona Backup for MongoDB on a single-node replica set. ( Specify the replication.replSetName in the configuration file of the standalone server.)

See also

MongoDB Documentation: Convert a Standalone to a Replica Set

The Percona Backup for MongoDB project inherited from and replaces mongodb_consistent_backup, which is no longer actively developed or supported.


  • Backup and restore for both classic non-sharded replica sets and sharded clusters
  • Simple command-line management utility
  • Replica set and sharded cluster consistency through oplog capture
  • Distributed transaction consistency with MongoDB 4.2+
  • Simple, integrated-with-MongoDB authentication
  • No need to install a coordination service on a separate server.
  • Use any S3-compatible storage
  • Users with classic, locally-mounted remote filesystem backup servers can use ‘file system’ instead of ‘s3’ storage type.

Uninstall Percona Backup for MongoDB