The Operator requires Kubernetes Secrets to be deployed before the PXC Cluster is started. The name of the required secrets can be set in deploy/cr.yaml under the spec.secrets section.

Unprivileged users

There are no unprivileged (general purpose) user accounts created by default. If you need general purpose users, please run commands below:

$ kubectl run -it --rm percona-client --image=percona:5.7 --restart=Never -- mysql -hcluster1-pxc -uroot -proot_password
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON database1.* TO 'user1'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password1';

Sync users on the ProxySQL node:

$ kubectl exec -it cluster1-proxysql-0 -- proxysql-admin --config-file=/etc/proxysql-admin.cnf --syncusers

Verify that the user was created successfully. If successful, the following command will let you successfully login to MySQL shell via ProxySQL:

$ kubectl run -it --rm percona-client --image=percona:5.7 --restart=Never -- bash -il
percona-client:/$ mysql -h cluster1-proxysql -uuser1 -ppassword1
mysql> SELECT * FROM database1.table1 LIMIT 1;

You may also try executing any simple SQL statement to ensure the permissions have been successfully granted.

System Users

Default Secret name: my-cluster-secrets

Secret name field: spec.secretsName

The Operator requires system-level PXC users to automate the PXC deployment.

Warning: These users should not be used to run an application.

User Purpose Username Password Secret Key Description
Admin root root Database administrative user, should only be used for maintenance tasks
ProxySQLAdmin proxyadmin proxyadmin ProxySQL administrative user, can be used to add general-purpose ProxySQL users
Backup xtrabackup xtrabackup User to run backups
Cluster Check clustercheck clustercheck User for liveness checks and readiness checks
PMM Client User monitor monitor User for PMM agent
PMM Server Password should be set through the operator options pmmserver Password used to access PMM Server

Development Mode

To make development and testing easier, deploy/secrets.yaml secrets file contains default passwords for PXC system users.

These development mode credentials from deploy/secrets.yaml are:

Secret Key Secret Value
root root_password
xtrabackup backup_password
monitor monitor
clustercheck clustercheckpassword
proxyuser s3cret
proxyadmin admin_password
pmmserver supa|^|pazz

Warning: Do not use the default PXC user passwords in production!

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