Scale Percona XtraDB Cluster on Kubernetes and OpenShift

One of the great advantages brought by Kubernetes and the OpenShift platform is the ease of an application scaling. Scaling a Deployment up or down ensures new Pods are created and set to available Kubernetes nodes.

Size of the cluster is controlled by a size key in the Custom Resource options configuration, as specified in the Operator Options section. That’s why scaling the cluster needs nothing more but changing this option and applying the updated configuration file. This may be done in a specifically saved config, or on the fly, using the following command, which saves the current configuration, updates it and applies the changed version:

$ kubectl get pxc/my-cluster -o yaml | sed -e 's/size: 3/size: 5/' | kubectl apply -f -

In this example we have changed the size of the Percona XtraDB Cluster from 3, which is a minimum recommended value, to 5 nodes.

Note: Using ``kubectl scale StatefulSet_name`` command to rescale Percona XtraDB Cluster is not recommended, as it makes ``size`` configuration option out of sync, and the next config change may result in reverting the previous number of nodes.

Increase the Persistent Volume Claim size

Kubernetes manages storage with a PersistentVolume (PV), a segment of storage supplied by the administrator, and a PersistentVolumeClaim (PVC), a request for storage from a user. In Kubernetes v1.11 the feature was added to allow a user to increase the size of an existing PVC object. The user cannot shrink the size of an existing PVC object. Certain volume types support, be default, expanding PVCs (details about PVCs and the supported volume types can be found in Kubernetes documentation)

The following are the steps to increase the size:

  1. Extract and backup the yaml file for the cluster

    kubectl get pxc cluster1 -o yaml --export > CR_backup.yaml
  2. Delete the cluster

    kubectl delete -f CR_backup.yaml
  3. For each node, edit the yaml to resize the PVC object.

    kubectl edit pvc datadir-cluster1-pxc-0

    In the yaml, edit the value.

      - ReadWriteOnce
          storage: 6Gi

    Perform the same operation on the other nodes.

    kubectl edit pvc datadir-cluster1-pxc-1
    kubectl edit pvc datadir-cluster1-pxc-2
  4. In the CR configuration file, use vim or another text editor to edit the PVC size.

    vim CR_backup.yaml
  5. Apply the updated configuration to the cluster.

    kubectl apply -f CR_backup.yaml

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