Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster 1.7.0

Date:February 2, 2021
Installation:Installing Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster

New Features


  • K8SPXC-485: Percona XtraDB Cluster Pod logs are now stored on Persistent Volumes. Users can debug the issues even after the Pod restart
  • K8SPXC-389: User can now change ServiceType for HAProxy replicas Kubernetes service
  • K8SPXC-546: Reduce the number of ConfigMap object updates from the Operator to improve performance of the Kubernetes cluster
  • K8SPXC-553: Change default configuration of ProxySQL to WRITERS_ARE_READERS=yes so Percona XtraDB Cluster continues operating with a single node left
  • K8SPXC-512: User can now limit cluster-wide Operator access to specific namespaces (Thanks to user mgar for contribution)
  • K8SPXC-490: Improve error message when not enough memory is set for auto-tuning
  • K8SPXC-312: Add schema validation for Custom Resource. Now cr.yaml is validated by a WebHook for syntax typos before being applied. It works only in cluster-wide mode due to access restrictions
  • K8SPXC-510: Percona XtraDB Cluster operator can now be deployed through RedHat Marketplace
  • K8SPXC-543: Check HAProxy custom configuration for syntax errors before applying it to avoid Pod getting stuck in CrashLoopBackOff status (Thanks to user pservit for reporting this issue)

Bugs Fixed

  • K8SPXC-544: Add a liveness probe for HAProxy so it is not stuck and automatically restarted when crashed (Thanks to user pservit for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-500: Fix a bug that prevented creating a backup in cluster-wide mode if default cr.yaml is used (Thanks to user michael.lin1 for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-491: Fix a bug due to which compressed backups didn’t work with the Operator (Thanks to user dejw for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-570: Fix a bug causing backups to fail with some S3-compatible storages (Thanks to user dimitrij for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-517: Fix a bug causing Operator crash if Custom Resource backup section is missing (Thanks to user deamonmv for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-253: Fix a bug preventing rolling out Custom Resource changes (Thanks to user bitsbeats for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-552: Fix a bug when HAProxy secrets cannot be updated by the user
  • K8SPXC-551: Fix a bug due to which cluster was not initialized when the password had an end of line symbol in secret.yaml
  • K8SPXC-526: Fix a bug due to which not all clusters managed by the Operator were upgraded by the automatic update
  • K8SPXC-523: Fix a bug putting cluster into unhealthy status after the clustercheck secret changed
  • K8SPXC-521: Fix automatic upgrade job repeatedly looking for an already removed cluster
  • K8SPXC-520: Fix Smart update in cluster-wide mode adding version service check job repeatedly instead of doing it only once
  • K8SPXC-463: Fix a bug due to which wsrep_recovery log was unavailable after the Pod restart
  • K8SPXC-424: Fix a bug due to which HAProxy health-check spammed in logs, making them hardly unreadable
  • K8SPXC-379: Fix a bug due to which the Operator user credentials were not added into internal secrets when upgrading from 1.4.0 (Thanks to user pservit for reporting this issue)

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