Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster 1.6.0

Date:October 9, 2020
Installation:Installing Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster

New Features


  • K8SPXC-144: Allow adding ProxySQL configuration options
  • K8SPXC-398: New crVersion key in deploy/cr.yaml to indicate the API version that the Custom Resource corresponds to (thanks to user mike.saah for contribution)
  • K8SPXC-474: The init container now has the same resource requests as the main container of a correspondent Pod (thanks to user yann.leenhardt for contribution)
  • K8SPXC-372: Support new versions of cert-manager by the Operator (thanks to user rf_enigm for contribution)
  • K8SPXC-317: Possibility to configure the imagePullPolicy Operator option (thanks to user imranrazakhan for contribution)
  • K8SPXC-462: Add readiness probe for HAProxy
  • K8SPXC-411: Extend cert-manager configuration to add additional domains (multiple SAN) to a certificate
  • K8SPXC-375: Improve HAProxy behavior in case of switching writer node to a new one and back
  • K8SPXC-368: Autoupdate system users by changing the appropriate Secret name

Known Issues and Limitations

  • OpenShift 3.11 requires additional configuration for the correct HAProxy operation: the feature gate PodShareProcessNamespace should be set to true. If getting it enabled is not possible, we recommend using ProxySQL instead of HAProxy with OpenShift 3.11. Other OpenShift and Kubernetes versions are not affected.
  • K8SPXC-491: Compressed backups are not compatible with the Operator 1.6.0 (percona/percona-xtradb-cluster-operator:1.5.0-pxc8.0-backup or percona/percona-xtradb-cluster-operator:1.5.0-pxc5.7-backup image can be used as a workaround if needed).

Bugs Fixed

  • K8SPXC-431: HAProxy unable to start on OpenShift with the default cr.yaml file
  • K8SPXC-408: Insufficient MAX_USER_CONNECTIONS=10 for ProxySQL monitor user (increased to 100)
  • K8SPXC-391: HAProxy and PMM cannot be enabled at the same time (thanks to user rf_enigm for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-406: Second node (XXX-pxc-1) always selected as a donor (thanks to user pservit for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-390: Crash on missing HAProxy PodDisruptionBudget
  • K8SPXC-355: Counterintuitive YYYY-DD-MM dates in the S3 backup folder names (thanks to user graham-web for contribution)
  • K8SPXC-305: ProxySQL not working in case of passwords with a % symbol in the Secrets object (thanks to user ben.wilson for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-278: ProxySQL never getting ready status in some environments after the cluster launch due to the proxysql-monit Pod crash (thanks to user lots0logs for contribution)
  • K8SPXC-274: The 1.2.0 -> 1.3.0 -> 1.4.0 upgrade path not working (thanks to user martin.atroo for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-476: SmartUpdate failing to fetch version from Version Service in case of incorrectly formatted Percona XtraDB Cluster patch version higher than the last known one
  • K8SPXC-454: After the cluster creation, pxc-0 Pod restarting due to Operator not waiting for cert-manager to issue requested certificates (thanks to user mike.saah for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-450: TLS annotations causing unnecessary HAProxy Pod restarts
  • K8SPXC-443 and K8SPXC-456: The outdated version service endpoint URL (fix with preserving backward compatibility)
  • K8SPXC-435: MySQL root password visible through kubectl logs
  • K8SPXC-426: mysqld recovery logs not logged to file and not available through kubectl logs
  • K8SPXC-423: HAProxy not refreshing IP addresses even when the node gets a different address
  • K8SPXC-419: Percona XtraDB Cluster incremental state transfers not taken into account by readiness/liveness checks
  • K8SPXC-418: HAProxy not routing traffic for 1 donor, 2 joiners
  • K8SPXC-417: Cert-manager not compatible with Kubernetes versions below v1.15 due to unnecessarily high API version demand
  • K8SPXC-384: Debug images were not fully functional for the latest version of the Operator because of having no infinity loop
  • K8SPXC-383: DNS warnings in PXC Pods when using HAProxy
  • K8SPXC-364: Smart Updates showing empty “from” versions for non-PXC objects in logs
  • K8SPXC-379: The Operator user credentials not added into internal secrets when upgrading from 1.4.0 (thanks to user pservit for reporting this issue)

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