Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster 1.5.0

Date:July 21, 2020
Installation:Installing Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster

New Features

  • K8SPXC-298: Automatic synchronization of MySQL users with ProxySQL
  • K8SPXC-294: HAProxy Support
  • K8SPXC-284: Fully automated minor version updates (Smart Update)
  • K8SPXC-257: Update Reader members before Writer member at cluster upgrades
  • K8SPXC-256: Support multiple PXC minor versions by the Operator


  • K8SPXC-290: Extend usable backup schedule syntax to include lists of values
  • K8SPXC-309: Quickstart Guide on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) - link
  • K8SPXC-288: Quickstart Guide on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) - link
  • K8SPXC-280: Support XtraBackup compression
  • K8SPXC-279: Use SYSTEM_USER privilege for system users on PXC 8.0
  • K8SPXC-277: Install GDB in PXC images
  • K8SPXC-276: Pod-0 should be selected as Writer if possible
  • K8SPXC-252: Automatically manage system users for MySQL and ProxySQL on password rotation via Secret
  • K8SPXC-242: Improve internal backup implementation for better stability with PXC 8.0
  • CLOUD-404: Support of loadBalancerSourceRanges for LoadBalancer Services
  • CLOUD-556: Kubernetes 1.17 added to the list of supported platforms

Bugs Fixed

  • K8SPXC-327: CrashloopBackOff if PXC 8.0 Pod restarts in the middle of SST
  • K8SPXC-291: PXC Restore failure with “The node was low on resource: ephemeral-storage” error (Thanks to user rjeka for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-270: Restore job wiping data from the original backup’s cluster when restoring to another cluster in the same namespace
  • K8SPXC-352: Backup cronjob not scheduled in some Kubernetes environments (Thanks to user msavchenko for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-275: Outdated documentation on the Operator updates (Thanks to user martin.atroo for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-347: XtraBackup failure after uploading a backup, causing the backup process restart in some cases (Thanks to user connde for reporting this issue)
  • K8SPXC-373: Pod not cleaning up the SST tmp dir on start
  • K8SPXC-326: Changes in TLS Secrets not triggering PXC restart if AllowUnsafeConfig enabled
  • K8SPXC-323: Missing tar utility in the PXC node docker image
  • CLOUD-531: Wrong usage of strings.TrimLeft when processing apiVersion
  • CLOUD-474: Cluster creation not failing if wrong resources are set

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