Data at rest encryption

Data at rest encryption in Percona Server for MongoDB is supported by the Operator since version 1.1.0.


“Data at rest” means inactive data stored as files, database records, etc.

Following options the mongod section of the deploy/cr.yaml file should be edited to turn this feature on:

  1. The security.enableEncryption key should be set to true (the default value).

  2. The security.encryptionCipherMode key should specify proper cipher mode for decryption. The value can be one of the following two variants:

    • AES256-CBC (the default one for the Operator and Percona Server for MongoDB)
    • AES256-GCM
  3. security.encryptionKeySecret should specify a secret object with the encryption key:

        encryptionKeySecret: my-cluster-name-mongodb-encryption-key

    Encryption key secret will be created automatically if it doesn’t exist. If you would like to create it yourself, take into account that the key must be a 32 character string encoded in base64.

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