May 12, 2020


Virtual Roundtable

Join us May 12 from 11.30-12.30pm EDT for the second in our roundtable series with Peter Zaitsev, CEO, and Matt Yonkovit, CXO of Percona, along with a special guest from our Support Team.

The team will be answering questions, and exploring the recent topics our Customer Success Team has been engaged with during these new and challenging times, including:

  • Are cloud provider traffic overloads causing you to experience database slowdowns? Learn how to fully manage and optimize your database — even in the cloud.
  • With so much online activity and remote work, you are at even higher risk of data breaches and leaks. Explore techniques for securing your databases through these uncertain times.
  • Matt will share his view on the current state of the open source database industry, including a quick rundown of what he sees as the most popular database migration targets.
  • Finally, the team will touch on the continued impact of COVID-19, and how they all keep their sanity while working from home!

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