May 12, 2020


Two Weeks of Databases (#DB2W)

Percona CEO Peter Zaitsev will give an interview to Federico Razzoli on Tuesday, May 12 at 3.00pm London time. Questions to be discussed in the interview:
  • the best improvements we're going to see in Percona software
  • what are the next big things that a DBA should look at
  • Peter's point on view on the market in this period

Link to the interview:

by Federico Razzoli:
I want to launch an interesting virtual event in May: Two Weeks of Databases (#DB2W).
I will interview interesting persons from the database world, for two weeks. One interview per day, Monday to Friday, at 3pm London time. Each interview will be 40-45 minutes long. The interviews will be streamed on YouTube, and will remain online.

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