Jun 16, 2020


Postgres Webinar Series

Percona PostgreSQL Support Tech Lead Avinash Vallarapu will be presenting his talk "Mostly mistaken and ignored PostgreSQL parameters while optimizing a PostgreSQL database" on Tuesday, June 16.

Time: Jun 16, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Optimizing a PostgreSQL database may be a challenge if some of the important parameters are ignored. And a bigger challenge may be the understanding of the algorithm behind setting those parameters correctly. In my experience with PostgreSQL Consulting for more than a decade, I have seen a bigger list of parameters that are wrongly set or ignored. This talk details a list of important PostgreSQL parameters with some good description, that could drastically improve the performance graph when properly set. We shall also discuss some mathematical formulae and some extensions helpful to expose the diagnostic data for tuning these parameters. This talk should help both the beginners and also PostgreSQL admins to go back and check if they have tuned these parameters correctly in their PostgreSQL environments.
This talk starts with some benchmarks and a list of parameters and how they have made a great difference in performance. And then the talk continues to show a detailed description of the top mistakes made while tuning postgres parameters and how to set them correctly. There are several parameters either not known or ignored and this talk should help admins understand how those parameters can make a great difference in performance.


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